Fuzhou decoration design website quick optimization to page second experience sharing

next, I love the drop-down box and through the analysis of Shanghai love Shanghai related search, find the potential customer needs is the industry of Fuzhou, Fuzhou Jiezhuang design Jiezhuang design, so the site’s home page title I added the Fuzhou Industrial decoration design, and the name of the company is to meet customer search needs of manufacturers, of course, I also both Fuzhou and Fuzhou decoration decoration design the two valuable keywords.

decoration design of the word in the Shanghai dragon competition is small, see the love Shanghai search results will know, in addition to love Shanghai products, only one location is the site of the home page, so the other is to rely on the column page row up, as long as I used to, website optimization "Fuzhou decoration design" and the odds is very large, at least to the home page optimization is not difficult.


When choosing

on the layoutThe

CMS mainly because of dream, the more familiar, although the flaw is more, but the problem is not good security settings. In addition, a widely used, there are many templates available.

Fuzhou Han Jia decoration small talk about Shanghai Longfeng optimization, a lot of people want to achieve rapid ranking results, some time ago I received an order of Shanghai dragon, is to take the keyword optimization to love Shanghai Fuzhou home page design, website two months or so, the keyword in the manual query "Fuzhou decoration design" it is not difficult to find, has been to the second page, exactly how I do it, here is a simple share:


then, here is the navigation product images and the title of the show, it is very important that play a key role in the layout.

needs special mention is the company, I try to put in the whole layout.

principle is not reasonable in different plate stack, naturally occurring keywords. For example, logo ALT tags, title attribute navigation home page, product title, company profile, ALT properties of two-dimensional code, the page keywords appear tail template, chain keywords and so on, in a word to do the master degrees.

template, to take into account the layout, try to choose a little late to modify the template, so to save a lot of trouble.

< > In fact, Fuzhou keyword

three, the site layout and layout of the

on the site layout:

first, the layout of the navigation center is the product users are more concerned about the content, so I at the front and about us and contact us not to participate in the ranking of the content on the last.

and template selection procedures

, a keyword analysis, industry competition

look at the "Fuzhou decoration design" love Shanghai index, only 100+, the search volume is not large, but also to some extent the evidence of the optimization is not very difficult.

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