On the methods of how to improve the PR value of the new website

two, the chain increased in the PR value calculation, the number of external links the site will be taken into account, but not to say that the number of external links to a website more the PR value is high, because the web page of the PR value is not simply by calculating the number of external links the site decision,

2, the Q class, such as Shanghai Sina know, love asked the question and answer, and so on, and by way of answer questions made an article on your own web site, allowing users to browse the web site.

4, in the famous website to write text, leave your website copyright, let zhuanzaizhe automatic to add your own the chain, and the chain as web site the collection, collection of Web site and then, will continue to increase the number, is the best way to increase the external links.

is the PR value of nobility baby importance to the web site a evaluation, if a website PR value high, so noble baby to this website refresh frequency to be high, the actual ranking is not the decisive factor, but only to the PR value for other aristocratic baby, the search engines do not play any role, so if you want to have good rankings should pay attention to structure and content of the web site, the PR value is not a myth, the search engine is not the ultimate goal, but the target users, so as to enhance website sales ability, which is the ultimate purpose of the site optimization. Google, the PR value although it is that a lot of time to cancel, exchange links, website quality we are still in use to improve the PR value, the PR value of the new method are many, but not too much for the website webmaster resources, need from the following several steps to gradually improve the PR value of the site:

consider the quality of the external links, and related website link exchange scores than the link scores and general website (please refer to the specific PR Links calculation). Search engines, should increase the chain, to get others to pass the PR, not anxious to find high PR web site do friends, can use the following several methods to increase the link.

5, established a few sites keep up, even if their PR is only 0, but to protect.

1, find a few famous high BBS of PR account, mixed to a certain level can bring signs, post and the top post, usually every 10 or so in the forum, the owners of hate by the webmaster.

, an increase in the website included: just on the line, the first to let search engine as much as possible to grab your web pages, so the search engine will think your website content is very rich, because the search engines love a content rich website will think your website is very important. Good content is the premise, the content is good natural attractive, to retain people, good popularity, search engine of course about you.

3, in several well-known websites set up a blog, such as Sina, Sohu, in these articles posted on the site, and leave your links after a period of time.

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