WeChat has exceeded 300 million users, Shanghai dragon who can calm it

Shanghai dragon who not only to do search engine optimization, but also with other platform promotion, two pronged approach in order to achieve a multiplier effect. WeChat is a new platform, it has brought about a revolution, as if walking in the forefront of marketing Shanghai dragon, there is no time to understand the platform, it is really a great loss. In the future there will be a new platform for the birth of Shanghai dragon to be the first time to experience, to use.

WeChat is a Tencent in January 21, 2012 launched a fast through the Internet to send voice messages, video, pictures and text, to support multi group chat mobile phone chat software. WeChat has exceeded three hundred million users, and the users are still increasing, users have promotion and marketing, especially WeChat launched the public platform, but also provide a very favorable channel for small and medium enterprises to build brand.


third relations: the relationship between learning, have seen such a word "case only once in the Sina micro-blog algorithm, that is to say at any time to change the" Shanghai dragon is constantly changing, constantly updated, if we bite capital, will be eliminated sooner or later. The WeChat public platform is a very good learning method, because it is convenient, for example, now do a good "Shanghai dragon daily talk, micro signal: Meiri Shanghai dragon, by focusing on the platform, every day can get a new Shanghai Dragon Consulting, it is very helpful for us learning.

what is the relationship?


4. WeChat to Shanghai dragon revelation:

What is the WeChat

: the first relation of brand relationship, to maximize the interests of Shanghai dragon is through the website brand promotion of enterprises, in the promotion process, if only rely on the search engine ranking can achieve the purpose, fight in isolation, but need to spend more time, this time if using the WeChat platform, will be faster and better shape the brand image, to reduce the burden of Shanghai dragon.


second: ranking, Shanghai dragon to the site keywords ranking will be home, but we all know the ranking easy, difficult stable ranking, one of the most important factors to stable ranking is the audience, we can guide users through WeChat to enter our website, so as to achieve stable website ranking objective.

The difference between WeChat and micro-blog

2. WeChat and Shanghai dragon


uses the "micro-blog Liu Wenjie Shanghai dragon" in a word: "if you have a WeChat and micro-blog have 1000 fans, you published a piece of content, your chances of micro-blog fans see is 1/1000, but your chances of WeChat fans see is 100/100". This is the advantage of WeChat, its promotion is more targeted, better effect is outstanding, while Xiao Bian also reminded WeChat and micro-blog each Shanghai dragon must master

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