How to capture share in Shanghai Longfeng strategizing interviewer candidates in the heart

because our job position is associated with the Shanghai dragon, since it is a search engine optimization, and interview site enterprises are closely related, in an interview before the interview to the enterprise site look, according to their own experience of the occupation of a site to do a simple analysis of Shanghai dragon, which design some is not conducive to the existence of Shanghai dragon website, there is the construction of the chain defects etc.. The interviewer more love with job seekers, this is also a good method of their live shows Shanghai dragon skills, it can cover a lot of extra points for you.

Shanghai, compared with other industries, more attention is paid to the experience of real operation case and whether, as a Shanghai Longfeng job seekers you need to work with the company before the mark on your resume, including contact with the Shanghai Phoenix Project, we must try to detail. If you can in response to the interview site to write a business plan at the beginning of Shanghai dragon is better. The interviewer love in Shanghai dragon in this one position is that job seekers have the ability and independent thinking.



in the interview some applicants, often found a lot of people resume job descriptions are often talk ambiguously, say a lot but can not grasp the center of gravity. This will make you in the interviewer’s impression score reduced. This resume we need to have a real and focused summary of our work before.

2: understanding the enterprise for the job requirements, prepares candidates

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1: Shanghai dragon resume writing, job seekers do have the focus

as shown above the company where the author works published in the online talent recruitment information, the information can be divided into work responsibilities, duties and qualifications of the three part. Any of the companies do not want to recruit staff and job description is too large. So, before going to an interview in your business, you need to know about the various working conditions of the enterprise, if for themselves are not very familiar with, at least can pay close attention to understand, also not related to answer the interviewer’s questions in the interview.


3, understand the business site, do some job seekers

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recently the company started to recruit some staff in Shanghai Longfeng, the author interviewed the applicants found that most of the candidates have the same error, the key is one of the most obvious is that many people are unable to really seize Shanghai Longfeng work, the result is very difficult in many job seekers to capture the interviewer’s talent shows itself heart. Here I stand in the perspective of the interviewer to Shanghai dragon seekers several good suggestions, hoping to help you find a good job.

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