Love Shanghai play where combined Shanghai dragon will go

March 1st love Shanghai refused to link tool beta version of the line;

in 2013, just over a quarter, love Shanghai portfolio continue to play, let our webmaster is too busy to attend to all, feeling a little confused, a little at a loss. It seems this year not only love Shanghai thunder and rain is also great! Then we will first review the portfolio of a love Shanghai, we look at how to deal with


, to enhance the user experience.


April 22nd, Shanghai love announcement, fully extended undo love Shanghai read wikipedia.

March 6th love Shanghai stationmaster exchanges will be held in Beijing, issued the "2013 report" at the same time Chinese website operation trend;

is an important work to the search engine friendly degree is to do well the construction of the chain, but now the search engine has changed its temper, love the high quality of the chain, if we go to the garbage outside the chain, is not only a useless waste of time, but also ruthlessly delete, serious will be K station. Now love Shanghai search engine website against cheating to extremely firm, estimates to get the love inspired Shanghai high-rise, the trend in the future will not reduce the crackdown on site cheating, those who have a chance to give up friend, the world is the vicissitudes of life is

February 19th Shanghai green love on-line algorithm;

three, More haste, less speed.


two, to enhance the search engine friendly degree

in the 2013 love Shanghai owners meeting, "Wang Tao Lee" team clearly pointed out: the quality of the content is a long-term driver of website development, website construction is not a short duration of time to do the job, all owners should abandon the idea of a crash, but.

will be the core of the future development of dynamic website, which requires us to strengthen the internal structure of the construction site (including speed + + structure beautiful website layout + navigation and classification clear, effectively improve the website visual experience); continuously improve website content construction, focus to improve the original degree of the website article, meet the real the needs of users, create valuable articles, rather than a pile of rubbish.

the next step, Shanghai will love what? Post Bar shielding all links? In fact, we don’t have to guess, as long as we look at love Shanghai webmaster general assembly, you can know what love Shanghai! This meeting love high-profile Shanghai introduced the "Lee" team, this is a focus on the search algorithm the Internet, the original, ecological construction team in the field of all combination of recognition and the team currently play love Shanghai! This release is a very clear signal, that is in love with the sea will pay more attention to the user experience of the website, to search engine friendliness and website security. So we can clear Shanghai Longfeng future development in the right direction.

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