Dont want to see all of your Facebook contacts phone numbers Heres

first_imgPeople are quick to jump on any story that accuses Facebook of abusing user privacy. The latest issue comes shortly after Facebook released its group messaging service called Facebook Messenger. Rumor has it that Facebook is sharing your entire contact list with the world. With over 750 million users, panic can spread quickly throughout the social network however Facebook addressed the issue in a post on the company’s profile saying the claims are false.Facebook said that the Contacts list, formerly called Phonebook, has been around for a long time. A concern grew when users noticed a list of phone numbers in their Contacts list that they didn’t know were there. Facebook said the phone numbers listed there were either added by your friends themselves and made visible to you, or you already had those numbers in your phone and the numbers appeared on Facebook when you synced your phone to the social network. Facebook assured users that “just like on your phone, only you can see these numbers.”To see which friends have made their phone numbers available within Facebook: click on the Account button in the upper right-hand corner, then click Edit Friends, and then Contacts on the left-hand column.Here, you should see a whole list of phone numbers. If you’re like me, about 80 percent of the people you’re connected to on Facebook aren’t actually people who you call and hang out with. They’re more like online acquaintances whose lives you like to peek into from time to time. Now, out of my 612 friends, I have 168 phone numbers of a lot of people I don’t care to and will likely never call. Not only that, but my phone has their numbers in it, too.I checked one Facebook friend who showed up with his phone number on my Facebook Contacts list and searched my phone to see if he had been added. Lo and behold, this acquaintance of mine is now in my phone, phone number, birthday, and all.If you’re worried that everyone on Facebook will be able to see your phone number, Facebook is claiming that they’re not. The numbers are only available to those people who you are connected to via Facebook.If you notice that your phone number is listed and you’d rather not have that visible, Facebook has created a permission screen that pops up before you sync your phone with the site. We’d also recommend removing your phone number from your Facebook profile, which you can do under Account Settings, and then under Mobile on the left-hand side of the page. There’s also a tool for removing your unwanted address book uploads. But first, you have to go to your phone’s Facebook app and make sure that syncing is turned off.iPhone users can click the Friends icon in the main menu and then click Sync in the upper-right. Android users need to go to the main menu page within the Facebook app, click Settings, and under Other Settings, click on Sync Contacts. Here you will have the option to sync data about all your friends to Contacts, sync data only about friends you already have in your phone’s contacts, or remove Facebook data from Contacts. The last option will use information about friends only in Facebook. Once you’ve turned syncing off on your phone, you can use the Facebook tool to remove imported contacts.There are some reports that people are seeing phone numbers of contacts listed that they’re not even friends with on Facebook. We have yet to come across that bug, but have any of you noticed new contacts in your list that you’re not connected to on Facebook?via PCMaglast_img

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