Steam launch Give Get Sale for Thanksgiving

first_imgAs we have come to expect from Steam, each big holiday is marked by a big Steam sale, and this year’s Thanksgiving weekend looks like it won’t disappoint.Each day from today until Tuesday November 30 Steam will be offering big discounts on a selection of games. The games today are:Shank – 33% offAlpha Protocol – 75% offIndie Energy Pack – 89% off including:Brainpipe: A Plunge to UnhumanityGalcon FusionGridrunner RevolutionProtoGalaxyQuantz Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse – 70% offBorderlands – 50% offR.U.S.E. – 33% offCounter-Strike: Source – 75% offThe Deus Ex Collection – 75% offPrototype – 50% offThere’s also a separate Gift Pack collections being offered at discounted prices. Today the gift packs include:Borderlands – buy 6 gets 66% off eachDeus Ex Collection – buy 8 get 83% off eachR.U.S.E buy 6 gets 50% off eachHalf-Life 2 – buy 10 get 77% off eachCheck the Steam Store for the actual prices in your region of the world.This sale is called the “Give & Get Sale” and with good reason.As well as offering discounted prices, Steam is asking gamers to create a wishlist with at least 10 games on it. Then 30 people every day of the sale will win their top 5 games for free.Read more at SteamMatthew’s OpinionI’m not sure why, but Steam has called this a “Pre-Holiday Sale”. Does that mean we can expect another sale to run alongside it when the holiday really starts, or is it just unfortunate wording to state it is a sale starting before the holiday does? Who knows, let’s just sit back and enjoy what comes up.Today the biggest savings are with The Deus Ex Collection and the Indie Energy Pack. That’s 6 games for just a few dollars. Borderlands is also a great buy if you haven’t picked it up yet.We’ll try and bring you the offers each day of the sale on the site so you get reminded and don’t miss anything you intended to pick up when it got cheap.last_img

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