New Release Movies Heading to Your Home for 50 a Pop

first_imgGood news: as early as next year, you may be able to(legally) screen first-run new release motion pictures in your home at the sametime as movie theaters. The bad news? Price, of course. The films, according toa new interview with Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, will cost you $50 a pop.A lot for a movie, right? Well, at $10 a ticket to see filmin theaters (actually, I think I paid like $13 the last time I saw one–but then,that’s what I get for living in New York), it really depends on how manyfriends you invite over.The concept is really just that–Bewkes is floating his idea.Odds are that movie theaters won’t be particularly enthusiastic about theincreased competition from the proposed on-demand services. According to ZDNet,the company is also looking into the possibility of lengthening the amount oftime it takes for those videos to land on services like Netflix and Redbox.last_img

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