Estranged husband charged in St Kitts murder

(Update)Here’s the latest on a murder we first told you about Thursday night at six. The family of St. Catharines murder victim, Judith Fraser say she was an amazing person and a wonderful sister. The 73-year old woman was stabbed to death outside her apartment building Thursday evening just steps away from the front door. Her estranged husband, George Fraser, is behind bars tonight charged with first-degree murder.A tarp held down by rocks marks the spot where Judith Fraser was ambushed in the parking lot of her apartment building at 128 St. Augustine Drive in St. Catharines.Police are not confirming how she died. She reportedly was stabbed multiple times in the chest by her attacker. Neighbours rushed to her aid, but her injuries were too serious.Her attacker fled in a copper coloured car. Later in the evening, police were called and told the suspect was in a house on Parkview Drive in Thorold.Police arrested 71-year old George Fraser. Judith Fraser’s estranged husband. The couple had recently separated. They’d been married for 44 years. They lived in a townhouse on Hurricane Road in Fonthill. Neighbours suspected there were problems in their marriage when they sold their house and left without saying anything. In December, Judith moved to St. Augustine Drive. George to the apartment on Foss Road in Fenwick. His landlord Richard Rybiak was shocked when he heard Georgewas charged with murder.George Fraser made a brief court appearance Friday on charges of first-degree murder.  This is the first murder in the Niagara region this year.

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