Sonys Kevin Butler retweets PS3 security code

first_imgThis has to go down as a major gaff on Sony’s part for not keeping their marketing department up-to-date with current events in the world of PS3 security.The now famous Kevin Butler character, which Sony regularly turns to for amusing adverts covering everything PS3, has retweeted the PS3 security code Sony wishes had never seen the light of day. The same code used in the exploit to jailbreak the PS3 with firmware 3.55.The Kevin Butler Twitter account was sent the code in a tweet by Travis La Marr a.k.a. exiva along with the message “come at me”. Whoever looks after that Butler account on Twitter for some reason thought it was a Battleships reference and responded with “Lemme guess… you sank my Battleship?” But the code was included in the response too.So, while Sony is fighting to stop everyone talking or sharing information about PS3 security codes, one of its own has gone and spread the word a little further. The Kevin Butler Twitter account currently lists 67,792 followers.Read more at, via Engadgetlast_img read more

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